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Understand how this server helps you transmit data over the internet.


Check out these examples to see how this might fit into your project.

Just for fun, check out how many messages have been sent through this server.

Reads: 100515 Writes: 2030

I also dislike programming servers and clients or messing with ports and IP's. I want to send information over the web to my robot halfway around the world without hassle.

- Break free of your local area network! Using any programming language, submit an HTTP request, and let the world wide web do the hard work.
- This Server provides a free place for creators to send information between devices or programs over the internet.
- This tool allows you to send and store 255 characters for another device anywhere in the world to retrieve it.
- Please see the explanation and how-to page for further information. I hope this Server allows you to flex your creativity.

Easy to learn and use for any program or device connected to the internet.

- Connect with any language that has an Http library. Python, Java, (entire C language family), and more.
- Send information from any internet-connected device, Arduino, Raspberry-Pi, your phone.
- Send information between industry software, Excel, Google Sheets, PowerPoint.
- User your phone to control your project without the need to develop a phone application