Digital office display

      The goal is to have a digital desk or office display that I can update my status directly from my phone. Using the IoT Server, I can send data to a Raspberry pi from my phone.

Done IMG


- Raspberry Pi4, Case, Power Supply, SD card
- 7-inch touch display, Power Supply, 1ft HDMI, HDMI to mini adapter
- Electrical tape, rubber standoff feet, Cable protection wrap, and magnets.
- Custom 3d Printed frame parts.

Card image
Card image


- A private page that allows me to update the display from my phone.

- A public page set up to pull data from the IoT server and refresh at intervals using javascript.

- IoT Server account and connection setup

- Raspbian image setup.

- Program to make the mouse disappear for a cleaner look.
      command(sudo apt get install unclutter)

- Reboot the Pi using CRON every hour to recover from popups and program crashes.
      command(Sudo nano /etc/crontab -e)
      0 * * * * root reboot

- Autostart application on boot prevents the need for mouse and keyboard interaction. Autostarting the program also allows for recovery after a power loss.
      command(Sudo nano /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart)
      @unclutter -idle 1
Phone Snapshot

Final Test

      The endurance of the hardware and reliability of the software will determine the viability of this project. If the project maintains operation for several months without human interaction, then I will invest the time into developing a professional case and wire management solution.

Test Location

- The device started 24-hour operations in April 2020.